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Aluminium Die-Casting Foundry
  Quality is a main target of ours focused on continuous improvement of all company activities  
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Certificazione ISO 9001:2000
Foundry die casting aluminum Italy  

Tools and fixtures

LOMOPRESS designs and manufactures internally die-casting moulds, trimming tools and other production facilities, granting high flexibility and an excellent quality grade in the interest of the customer.

Data transfer between CAD / CAM / tooling machines occurs by an intranet.

Last generation CNC tooling machines allow manufacturing of die-casting tools cavities as well as frames.

aluminum alloy pressure die casting Italy  

Cast alloys

LOMOPRESS purchases raw materials exclusively on the European market from certified suppliers.

Primary alloys   Secondary alloys    Special alloys    
EN 44100 EN 46000 MAGSIMAL  59 
EN 44300 EN 46100 SILAFONT
EN 46200 EN 47100 PYRAL
UNI 3601    

Three dry heart central furnace.
Holding and melting furnace by every die-casting cell.
Degassing equipment for clearing of molten bath

Die-casting molds machines Italy  

Die-casting machines

LOMOPRESS has in its productive range 13 completely automated die-casting machines of clamping force between 220 T and 1100 T, thereof 3 in Sarezzo productive site, completely automated, provided with thermoregulation, manipulators, trimming machine, lubricator and holding / melting furnace. All machines are constantly maintained in order to guarantee their highest productivity and Quality.

All die-casting machines are equipped with on-line injection parameters shot-control system.
Possibility to carry out die-casting with vacuum techniques.

Washing line for die-casting mould by ultrasonics.

die casting company and surface finishing Itlay   Surface finishing

Lomopress carries out surface finishing treatments as blasting, tumbling and painting.
Machining is also carried out in a specialized production unit.
aluminum casting process  


Production planning is carried out by means of a finite capacity scheduler.

In order to hold the tightest conformity to the planned production and delivery schedules, a direct data transfer occurs from die-casting machines to the Logistic Management, keeping therefore manufacturing status constantly under control.

Logistic data exchange with customers of the automotive field occurs by means of ODETTE protocol.

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