New logo and new website to celebrate Lomopress innovation

12 March 2021

A few months ago we decided to revise our image to be up to technology, quality and innovation that have always featured Lomopress. Therefore, we proudly present the new Lomopress logo and website created by Dexanet.

We were born in the early 90s and immediately worked by following a constant development thanks to investments in technology, automation and human capital. Today we are one of the most technologically advanced and recognized companies in the sector of the supply of die-cast components in light aluminum alloys. That is why we needed an image in line with our identity.

New Lomopress logo: light and resistant like Aluminum

Linearity, simplicity and minimalism: the features that describe the new Lomopress logo and which reflect the characteristics of Aluminum, light but resistant. There is also more to the new logo, we believe it expresses a dimension of modernity and innovation but also of flexibility and dynamism. All aspects that have an important value for us. The graphic symbol chosen for the new company logo is a decisive evolution of the past one. The payoff tells about our ability to innovate and look ahead: Next, best, now.

New website: innovation lives in the design of each web page

Together with the restyling of the logo we present the new website, which is characterized by the richness of the contents (texts, graphics and images) and by the linear and clean layout. The sections of the site are organized in such a way as to make navigation simple and intuitive, to allow our customers and anyone interested in knowing our reality to find all the information they want.

If you have any questions or want to know us better, contact us.