The automotive sector absorbs most of our production capacity at Lomopress. The quality standards of the prime automotive manufacturers guide our road map since more than ten years to achieve the highest level of efficiency and the required quality. The certification according to IATF 16949 confirms our competences versus quality of the final product as well as the quality of our processes. For the automotive sector Lomopress mainly produces structural parts or safety components (steering lock, toothed belt disks, motor flanges, cases and housings of different types), but also cover parts for the drivers cabin (steering wheel controls, car dashboard, trims for car doors). In particular we are producing the following components for the automotive sector:

power train
water pump, cases, crankcases, steering wheels, gearboxes

structural parts
engine support brackets, roof girders

interior design
trims, consoles, tunnels

accumulator boxes, cases and coverage for electric motors, inverters