Training and Development

The success of Lomopress is the result of the development of our resources: the skill and knowledge of any of our employees form the knowledge of the company. Knowing this, we see the necessity to foster our personnel and to prepare it for a continuous contest with the evolution of the sector, this means:

  • develop talents
  • build professionalism
  • foster innovation
  • promote team work
  • obtain competences, which make the difference

We work constantly in adapting our internal organisation, working directly with the departmental responsibles and answering to all questions of our staff. We offer internal courses in continuing professional development for professionals and the whole staff, which can also be provided ad hoc by our internal coaching system. For these activities we are providing a large room for training courses, which is equipped with an area which shows an exact reproduction of the workplaces to facilitate as much as possible the comprehension of all employees. Knowledge for growing, train not to stall: this is the philosophy of Lomopress.