Sustainability: Lomopress engages in a sustainable development. We support the future.

Lomopress contributes since ever in an active mode in the development of a sustainable future, going in for stimulating actions and behaviour in stewardship of natural resources like energy, and water and for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Environment and energy however are not the only aspects to be observed for a fully sustainable development. According to the Sustainable Development Goals, defined by the UN in the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development, there are many activities we are going for.

Here a short list:

  • share of an ethic and behavioural code
  • efforts to guarantee work conditions healthy, secure and protected
  • rejection of any form of discrimination of gender or races

Sustainability balance

Our duty

To support the concrete will of Lomopress to follow a management of a fully sustainable productive chain, a project for the establishment of a sustainability balance was started, according to the international guiding lines for reporting of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).