Quality is in good hands: attention,
security and efficiency

For Lomopress quality is not a target but an essential element at the base of the whole chain. The concept of quality comprises the materials, processes, machines, the attention to the environment and for the energy consumption and not least the growth of professionalism of the team. Every aspect of the company life and the production compete in the same mode creating our concept of quality. Therefore we put much attention to the production as well as to the creation of a stimulating ambience for a high quality of the product and the labour.

Only the best materials.

Only the best materials. We are using alloys of first quality for our products. We are well aware of how important the choice of the base materials is, to guarantee our clients to get the best performance of the produced products.

Primary alloys

EN AC 44300

EN AC 43400

EN AC 44100

EN AC 46200

Secondary alloys

EN AC 46000

EN AC 46100

EN AC 47100

Special alloys

EN AC 43500



Instruments for quality control:
device for x-ray control RX 2D (acc. to VDG P201)
device for tomography control RX 3D (acc. to VDG P201)
coordinate measuring machine CMM (Zeiss)
spectrometer for chemical composition analysis of materials
optical microscope for metallurgical quality control
digital altimeter
roughness measurement
liquid penetrant fluids for non destructive control (NDT)
device for optical measuring (Gom-Zeiss)
Software QS-STAT for data evaluation SPC (Cmk, Ppk, Cpk)
Tqm Itaca devices for measurement registration capable with SPC
Marposs stations for measurement registration capable with SPC
tensile testing machine
special gauges with electronic and pneumatic probes
devices for leak test by pressure drop
profile projector
laboratory in clean room for contamination measurement
microscope scanner for contamination measurement (dimension and kind)
precision scales for gravimetric measurement of contamination