People matter

The people make the difference, a unique and divers resource. Being convinced of that, we take care of appreciation, motivation and integration of our staff. We are stimulating a growing awareness and a feeling of association. We create an environment which fosters an open atmosphere among each other and participation.

To support a functional work climate, we provide an internal coach for single and group sessions, we are conducting team formation courses, provide relax zones and entertainment to encourage socialisation and we are organising company events.

Personal impressions

Federica M.

“I’ve served my industrial placement at Lomopress in the office of Human Resources and at the end of my experience in this company I can tell, that I’m very satisfied. The team had presented itself very open-minded from the beginning and let me participate and collaborate in all the daily activities and was always open to explain and teach me things I didn’t know yet. This permitted me to gain new competences and becoming acquainted with the dynamical integral processes of a complex and structured company.”

Giovanni S.

“I’ve served a school industrial placement in 2019. It had been an excellent experience of learning, because I’ve been always followed by a tutor in the whole time in the company. In difference to the placements I’ve made in other companies, they have never blackballed me without preparation.”