Lomopress believes strongly in the engagement of the resources at the cognitive, emotional and behavioural level. We transmit the value of learning and are stimulating the responsibility in the own process of growth. Our objective? That the employees at Lomopress always feel themselves supported to be proactive and enterprising. In order that everybody is giving his best all the time and contribute with pride and satisfaction to the companies success, we want to create best conditions to have personnel:

  • aligned to our values and targets
  • motivated and constructive
  • first supporters of the growth of our business


Personal impressions

Andrea V.

“My experience with Lomopress started with an initial part-time job in the morning, intended to allow me to finish my studies in mechanical engineering, to step into the actual role as an engineer in the Research and Development Department. I’m working with our clients to define components at the best, which will be produced in our productive lines. Inserted into the technical office, I met from the beginning attentive and precise persons determined to achieve a result and by high level instruments I was able to grow and improve my competences. The internal presence of so many diverse productive processes gave me the possibility of having a great idea of a together, which touches many fields. The whole is united by a strong ambition of improvement and excellence which supports the acceptance of new and innovative challenges. I therefore believe that Lomopress is a high professional ambience, an aspect that is fundamental for my personal growth and work.”

Pavel B.

“I’ve started to work at Lomopress in 2018 as a worker for sandblasting. Short time later they proposed me the role of a shift supervisor and I was working to learn this craft at the best. In the last 2 years, thanks to the preceding working experience and to the people who believed in me at Lomopress, I was able to grow further and now I’m the head of the sandblasting department. I’m very grateful for this opportunity they gave me and I hope that over the years I can further improve the efficiency of my department and the welfare of my operators.”

Guido A.

“My adventure at Lomopress began in February 2015 as an operator for sandblasting. Only some months later I was sided with the head of the department to execute special works. After a year, having already knowledge in the field of electrics, they proposed me to work in the foundry as a maintenance engineer. From this time on I’ve amplified my competences to the point when I was appointed responsible for maintenance in June 2020. The continuous growth has always stimulated my wish to learn and work in the field, for this company.”

Sara T.

“Lomopress has given me the opportunity to integrate myself in the world of labour still before having finished my studies. Together it was possible to start an internal project that was compatible with my desires and the targets of the company. It was a very stimulating way which gave me the possibility of documenting the achieved results for my Master’s thesis in economic science. Actually I’m part of a team of professionals who are daily supplying my ambition to learn. A thank you to Lomopress that is giving me the opportunity of growing in a contest of strong expansion.”