Our values

Competence, resilience and passion: these values do not only represent and show the heart of Lomopress, but are also shared by all people who are working with us, who are part of the team since 25 years, even if they have recently entered . It is fundamental, that the candidates honour these values at once and make them there own to work with passion in a stimulating ambience.


Is the result of the combination of personal capacity, knowledge and experience. Lomopress analyses the singularity of each human resource and organises and funds courses of advanced training to maximise the value.


A Chinese proverb says: When the wind of change is blowing, some build walls, others wind mills”. Our strength is the following conduct: we positively face the change, take it as an opportunity to grow, renovate and reinvent us.


We are inspirited by the will to do good and always better. The passion is the red line which guides the company, which motivates and gratifies us: we love to think that the client not only buys a product, but our passion and attention for the details, the people and the quality.