Four productive sites, one target: Lomopress has 4 plants in the province of Brescia. At the headquarter at Monticelli Brusati we develop, plan and produce stamps for die casting. Furthermore you find the department for testing, equipped with instruments of highest level (GOM, tomograph ,metrological instruments by Zeiss), which secure the compliance of all qualitative requirements. Monticelli and Gussago run 20 cells for die casting with a locking force from 200 to 3000 tons. In the 2 plants at Villa Carcina we are running 25 CNC machines which complete the productive circle with mechanical treatments, surface finishing (vibratory grinding, sandblasting, cleaning, etc.), leak test and other treatments. The innovative structure of the company enables a vertical integration between the plants, completely interconnected in Industry 4.0 optic. The geographical distance of the different productive plants complies with the necessity for the guaranty of business continuity, in case of an potentially catastrophic event and to reduce the risk of a sudden stop in production. This leads to a guaranty of continuous productivity for our clients.